Our Values

At adHere, we recognize that everyone walking this Earth is going through some kind of challenge, which is why what matters most to us is being the kind of people our clients want to do business with.  We work to ensure that our every interaction encompasses our core values, which we also refer to as the 4 Ps.

Pulling Together

We believe in collaboration among ourselves and our clients. We treat our clients as partners, and together will work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Personal Growth

We are all constantly evolving and getting better every day. We value and encourage lifelong learning, self-improvement, and of course education.


We are committed to making every interaction we have a positive one. Thoughts become words, and words become actions, so being positive from the beginning is essential to keeping it positive all the way through to the end.

Personal Accountability

Every interaction you have with us will be with a real person who knows what it means to take ownership of a project and deliver results. We remember that when you point your finger at someone else, there are 4 fingers pointing back at you.

Our Mission

At adHere our focus is on doing our job and doing it well. We identify prospective college students and increase our clients’ enrollments exponentially. Why education? Because we never stop learning, and we don’t think anyone else should either. Education is the silver bullet… it elevates your mind, your circumstances, and your life.

And that is our mission.

To inspire others to elevate their own lives.

“If we help enough people get to where they want to go then we will eventually get to where we want to go.”

– Ruben Resendez

Schools We’ve Partnered With