How It Works

Engaging Students Their Way

With any business, success or failure hinges not only on the ability to acquire new customers, but also in the cost of doing so. For colleges and universities, this is even more challenging, as the student of today is vastly different from the student of even a few years ago. Where and how today’s students make their decisions is decidedly different, and that means the path to enrollment needs to be decidedly different as well.

Like the students it targets, lead generation for colleges and universities needs to be rooted in social media. It must be fast and flexible, with the ability to learn and adapt in real time. It needs to instantly capture the attention of an audience that will not hesitate to engage and move on, by being highly targeted, interactive, and precise.


Meet Them on Their Turf

adHere interacts with prospective students where they do the majority of their research and decision making – on social media. Through behavioral analysis and analytics, our system identifies both the students that are most likely to enroll, as well as the specific programs of study that they are interested in. This precision, coupled with over a decade of experience, enables us to increase enrollments on an average of 500% while reducing the cost per start by 24%. It also makes adHere the fastest growing marketing and lead generation firm for colleges and universities in the U.S.

Continually Adjust and Evolve

By analyzing the profiles of currently enrolled students, adHere can reverse engineer the enrollment process in order to identify prospective students based on any number of data points, including who they are, where they live, their income, education level and most importantly, what they are looking for. We then take it a step further, monitoring their interactions with the offers and adjusting the information being presented in real time based on their responses. The program continues to learn from these interactions, making it smarter and more effective as time goes on.


adHere is more than just a proprietary algorithm or a lead generation program. It is a constantly evolving tool that enables colleges and universities to decrease their cost per start significantly and increase their enrollments exponentially by delivering their message in the way and place it will best be heard.

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