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Identify Your Audience

We have found a way to make identifying prospects easy. Our robust and interactive technology identifies the students with the highest probability of enrollment and ultimate success. Then, we engage with them in their space, on their terms, in their own language.

Customize Your Outreach

For prospective students, the college search can be overwhelming, exhausting and distracting. We eliminate these distractions by controlling and customizing the way you communicate to each student segment during each phase of their college search.

Integrate With Your System

We seamlessly import the student leads we identify into your CRM with a simple data mapping process. As partners, we believe it is important that we work with you collaboratively every step of the way, from initial messaging all the way to systems integration.

Measure and Optimize

The secret to our success is that there are no secrets – only success. Real-time numbers let you see what is currently most effective, and how we are continually learning and adjusting. Our reports and analysis measure your results and define the next steps forward.

Student Acquisition

Our approach is rooted in the place that most prospective students seek and gather information — social media. We have redefined education-based marketing in that space through our combination of proprietary tools, brand analysis, strategic partnerships and industry expertise. This highly customized, concierge approach to student acquisition and retention is unparalleled in the industry. When it comes to leads, high volume is good. High quality is better. Our student acquisition approach yields both high volume and the highest quality leads, which translates to more enrollments – in some cases a 2% increase after only 4 weeks.

Proprietary Matching Engine

All students are not the same, so when and how you reach them should not be the same. Our proprietary matching engine engages with students based on their specific needs. Are they studying full time or part time? Will they be learning on-campus or online? Do they want a degree or certificate program? IT experts and beauty school students see offers differently, just as 18-year old high school graduates have different needs than seasoned professionals looking to expand their skills. That is why we have built a dynamic database that continues to grow, evolve and learn in real time. Everything from the time of day they search to their demonstrated field of interest is analyzed and measured. Based on the millions of leads this system handles every year, we are able to successfully match students to offers based on who they are and what they are looking for… sometimes before they have even identified those criteria for themselves.


Performance Marketing

We have all heard the expression that you get what you pay for. But at adHere, we believe we get paid for what you get. As your partners, we believe your marketing dollars should only be spent if we perform. To ensure this, we work with you to create a growth program that is scalable and flexible, and one that meets your university’s specific criteria. Are we that sure that we can deliver that level of result? Yes. Yes we are.

Clicks Marketplace

Our complete matching algorithm uses specific filters to present users with the right offer at the right time. We then maximize host and post opportunities to even more accurately identify high-converting opportunities. Only then does adHere refer these qualified, human-verified prospects to you via a “click,” directly to your website and/or “inbound call” center. This process ensures that you only receive high-quality leads with a high intent to enroll. These are the leads that are poised to convert because these are the leads that are reaching out to you.


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